The third stage in the olive press




Production process from the tree to the oil

The processing of olive oil, which is at the base of the Mediterranean diet, consists of  several stages from hand picking to cold pressing. Read how Camolio oil  is created with cold pressing in our traditional olive press


The harvest
Olive harvesting takes place
from the end of October to January depending on the climate and the latitude of the olive trees. This phase is essential and delicate because if the olives are not picked at exactly the right moment they may be bruised. Hand picking, called stripping, is the best way even though it is very slow and expensive  because it ensures that the olives are not damaged. At our farm we have always carried out the picking by hand or by combing, which means raking the branches with wooden rakes to cause the ripe olives to drop in order to obtain a flawless, organoleptic oil with a low level of acidity




The olives arrive at our press “Emanuele” immediately after being picked and they are prepared for pressing. The dust, twigs and leaves are removed and after being washed in cold water, they are placed on a vibrating grill to get rid of excess water  and any other impurities




The olives are uniformly crushed without raising the temperature because heat may spoil the quality of the oil. For this reason IL TRIONFO olive oil is obtained by using traditional methods. Crushing produces a paste which is neither lumpy nor too smooth and if you touch it you can feel  fragments of the olive stones



The third stage in the olive press



Extra virgin olive oil is obtained by a single pressing which lasts about half an hour. The residue, which is called sansa, is removed  and given a different kind of processing to obtain  sansa oil. We have chosen not to produce this kind of oil because of its low quality. The best oil is that produced in a single pressing. For every hundred kilos of olives, an average 15-20 kilos of olive oil can be produced compared to 80-85 kilos of sansa. This is the reason why IL TRIONFO extra virgin olive oil is a top quality product because it is made with methods that are more expensive but that guarantee its authentic and unique qualities: Quality without compromise



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