Recipes from different Italian regions using IL TRIONFO extra virgin olive oil

Recipes of the moth



Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta
Chick pea soup
Ingredients for 4 people:

extra virgin olive oil Camolio
300 gr, dried chick peas
200gr. Pig skin,
2 table spoons of flour,
1 clove of garlic, a sprig of sage, 2 carrots,
2 celery sticks, 2 stock cubes, oil, salt.

Prepare a pesto with extra virgin olive oil and pistachios from Bronte Camolio in a mortar
Boil the peas and put them in the blender , add the pesto and pistachios after a first pureed cream. Heat a little ' over the fire . Boil the shrimp .
Prepare a short pasta , such as fusilli , which take the sauce and toss with the sauce and shrimp , stirring the pot over low heat .

fried polenta

Ingredients for 4 people:

extra virgin olive oil

500 grams polenta flour
white flour
bread crumbs 



Prepare polenta as directed , let cool and cut into slices .
Prepare a batter with flour and water and with it breaded each slice of polenta , and then pass it in bread crumbs and let it fry in hot oil , sauting well on both sides .


Baccalà alla Vicentina (dried fish)

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 dL   extra virgin olive oil IL TRIONFO
500 grams  Baccalà (dried fish)
gr. 300 onions, 2-anchovies
1/4 litre fresh milk – a little white flour
g. 50 grated ‘grana’ cheese
a handful of chopped parsley
salt and pepper.


Soak the cod for two days , before tapping with a mallet ; the water will be changed several times . Strip the fish , open it on the belly and remove all plugs . Crush the anchovies , desalted and boned , parsley and garlic , spread pesto sauce on cod open and add the grated parmesan . Close the fish and cut it into slices about 3 cm , flour the pieces with flour and a handful of Parmesan cheese . Place slices in a crock oiled . Saute the onion in Camolio , after pouring the mixture on cod, salt and pepper and cover with milk . Cook over low heat for 4 hours stir occasionally to prevent the cod that stick to the bottom of the pot . Serve with polenta

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Ingredients for 4 people

extra virgin olive oil  Camolio

flour - 250 g  1 egg
sugar - 100 g
Butter - 100 g
Vanilla - 1 envelope
lard or frying oil, icing sugar



In a bowl beat the egg with the sugar until frothy . Now add the melted butter and mix . Add a pinch of salt, vanilla and slowly through a sieve , the flour . It must be a smooth and quite soft . Put it on floured surface and continue to knead until air bubbles are formed . Cover it with a cloth and let it rest for at least 30 minutes.
Roll out thinly with a rolling pin and using a toothed wheel , cut it into strips , which are then folded in different ways . Dip the strips of dough into hot oil or lard and when golden , drain on paper towels to absorb excess fat and sprinkle with powdered sugar . Serve with a sweet wine .


 Orata alla Genovese  Genoa bream

Ingredients for 4 people

1 dl. extra virgin olive oil Camolio
1 ,200 kilos bream
1 Kg new potatoes
80 g black olives
200g cherry tomatoes
2dl fish stock
1 garlic clove, parsley



Strip the bream , wash and place in a pan , over a bed of potatoes , garlic and oil previously prepared : pour oil over the bream and bake . After about 10 minutes of cooking, add olives , chopped parsley , cherry tomatoes , cut into wedges and vegetable broth / fish . In all bream of the size of 3-4 hg . Bake for about twenty minutes. They shall be always in wet


Emilia Romagna
Marinated eels

For 4-5 people : 

Camolio extra virgin olive oil

1 Kg eels,
3 bay leaves
1 litre vinegar
2 cloves of garlic
3 cloves
1 sprig of rosemary, salt and pepper




Wash and slice the eels (preferably one very big eel ) without peel , removing heads and tails . Sventratele and dry well , arrange the pieces in an oiled dish with a bay leaf , salt and pepper . Bake for about an hour . Remove the pieces , let them drain , then place them very close to each other in a bowl , making sure that there are no gaps . Simmer for a minute a liter of vinegar , salt , a pinch of pepper , 2 cloves of garlic , 2 bay leaves , 1 sprig of rosemary and 3 cloves. Pour on eels . Cover and let stand for at least three or four days , turning occasionally pieces of eel .



Ingredients for 4 people

extra virgin olive oil camolio

1 kilo boned leg of lamb,
2 salted anchovies,
15 black olives
stock, garlic, vinegar, flour
3 stalks of majoram,
butter, salt and peppe
butter, salt and pepper


Mince two cloves of garlic with the marjoram leaves , the anchovies and boned and pitted olives . Cut the lamb into pieces , wash it in water and vinegar and dry . Brown it on all sides over high heat in 30g . butter and 4 tablespoons of oil . Add the chopped prepared , sprinkled with vinegar , stir and when the vinegar has evaporated , sprinkle with flour ; pour a dl . hot stock , season with salt and pepper, cover and cook for 90 minutes, basting occasionally with more broth because the cooking will not stick.


Neapolitan pizza

Ingredients for 1 person:

extra virgin olive oil Camolio

250 g dough
150 g tomato pulp


Take the dough and place it on lightly floured pastry board . Helping hands roll out the paste into the desired shape . Distribuiteci over the tomato sauce , oregano , 2 or 3 basil leaves exposing to 2 cm . about the edge of the dough (the " ledge " ) . Drizzle with hot oil and cook for about 20 minutes in a hot oven

Pasta with sardines

Ingredients for 6/8 people
extra virgin olive oil Camolio
I kilo wild fennel

500 g sardines,
600g.  buccatini pasta

2 chopped onions
6 salted anchovies
50g. pine nuts,
50g. sultanas,
50g.toasted chopped almonds, saffron



Cook the fennel in salted water , drain and retain water that will be used to cook the pasta . Remove the bones and head with sardines . In a pan fry the fennel minced with onion, anchovies , a little pepper , pine nuts , saffron diluted in a little water , raisins softened in warm water , then add half of the sardines . When the sardines are browned , mix thoroughly until a smooth sauce ottnere . In the water of the fennel cook the pasta . Drain them and put them in a pan with two-thirds of the sauce , mix well . In a frying pan with a little oil and a third of the sauce advanced cook sardines remained . Pour it on the bucatini and sprinkle with almonds tirtate . Put the pan in a hot oven for about ten minutes and let brown the content

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