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IL TRIONFO olive oil and its characteristics

Family tradition handed down for generations and the experience acquired over the decades in the production of olive oil is the best guarantee for the final consumer


Our olive oil prodution

"IL TRIONFO" olive oil is a top quality local product and can be purchased directly from the producer. We produce two kinds of olive oil (strong and delicate)  by differentiating the harvesting times. From October 15 - 31, from the harvest of Nocellara Etnea with a small amount of  moresca  (which has a pollinating function), we obtain the stronger tasting oil with characteristic organoleptic properties. It has a strong fruity taste with pleasing sensations of grass and green tomato and an interesting bitter, spicy hint. A totally balanced and harmonious oil which, used raw, is perfect for dishes in which the smells and flavours need to be highlighted. A trickle of olive oil gives that herby scent to first courses based on red sauces, cooked vegetables. The hint of green tomato enriches salads and tomato pizza.. The harvest from 1-15 November of  Nocellara Etnea with a higher percentage of  Moresca produces a  lighter oil with pleasant fragrances of leaves, almonds, green apple and other fruit; the taste is harmonious, prevalently sweet with a  sharp, spicy undertone . The light fragrance  makes it suitable for delicate dishes in order to bring out, but not smother, the flavours of dishes such as fish, antipasto, white or boiled meat. The oil contains a low number of peroxides which protects the oil from oxidisation and has a low level of acidity usually around 0.25. The oil from our farm has an unusually fruity taste due to the fact that the harvest takes place from October 15 to November 15



Extract from the book ‘olio’ regarding Camolio extra virgin olive oil Guide to Italian oil by  the 'Associazione Italiana Sommelier dell'Olio

Golden green colour. Rich in fruity fragrances immediately followed up by undertones of olive, musk, grass, tomato and green pepper. Pleasing balance of sharp  and spicy;  hints of almond, artichoke and walnut.  The olives are picked early using the stripping method, around October 25 and are milled immediately by  cold pressing. The oil is unfiltered and is an excellent dressing for slices of roast beef,  bruschette, pizza or raw vegetables.


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The first advantage is the price which only we can offer you because we produce the oil and sell it ourselves
The second advantage is the  special quality of our product. You will be pleasantly surprised by its fruity taste which usually wins over the consumer  .
The third advantage is the convenience of receiving the oil directly at your home in a very short time, paying by  cash on delivery. You can choose from different packaging, from 3-5 litre cans (which we advise if the oil is to be despatched) to 0.50 cl, , 0.75 cl and 1-litre bottles 

How to buy our extra virgin olive oil

If you wish to become our customer, just fill in the  order form.  We are sure that you will become one of our loyal customers who regularly order and enjoy Camolio oil.
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