The Camolio Farm in Sicily and its production of olive oil

Family tradition handed down from generation to generation and experience acquired over the decades in the production of olive oil is the best guarantee for the final consumer .


The Sicilian farm Camolio

5 hectares of land near Motta S.Anastasia (T), situated in a slightly hilly position in an enchanting valley surrounded by the  Finita gorge, comprising young plants of the following varieties; Nocellara Etnea, Moresca and Tonda Iblea. The trees are well irrigated and pruned every year. As regards quality, the farm adheres to the Regional project   " Improvement of quality and environmental impact in the production of edible oils and olive oil  Reg (CE) n. 1334/02 "


Photos of the Sicilian farm

Here is where Camolio oil begins

The olive harvest


The olive harvest and our olive oil production

The olives are picked (only by hand), taken to the press and pressed on the same day for maximum guarantee of the conservation of the organoleptic properties of the oil. The pressing takes place in a traditional press that allows the oil to maintain smell, taste and colour for a long time. The oil is preserved in stainless steel containers, kept in a cool place without any sudden temperature changes – the average temperature is 15°C..


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